Coating: Applying UltraDeck Timber Oil

Get the best finish for your deck
Getting the best result for your deck is all about proper preparation and selecting the best product for you.



Depending on the state of your timber, different preparation methods will be required to get your timber ready for coating. For more information review our articles on preparation.



Choosing a coating: Coatings that fade quickly can be a source of much frustration. We’ve used Intergrain®  UltraDeck® Timber Oil  because it is water based making it fast drying and long lasting, UltraDeck Timber oil lasts 3x longer than traditional oil based decking oils. Not sure which product you should use? Check out our deck coating project planner to get a personalised recommendation.

Choosing an applicator: To easily achieve a professional and smooth finish, we recommend the Intergrain DeckBrushTM. The soft bristles allow for quick, consistent coverage and will coat between the boards as you go. This extra coverage will offer your timber better protection from the elements.


To reduce lap marks, coat no more than 3 boards at a time.


STEP 1: After preparing the timber,  remove excess water from the surface and allow the timber to dry for at least 1 hour before coating. Stir UltraDeck Timber Oil thoroughly before and during use with a flat blade stirrer.

STEP 2: Apply UltraDeck Timber Oil using the DeckBrush (recommended).

To avoid lap marks do not overspread or apply thinly. When coating large areas, work in sections, apply long strokes and use natural breaks in the boards as stopping points. If spraying, it is recommended to back brush to even out the finish and avoid spotting.

STEP 3:  Allow to dry for at least 3 hours, then apply a second coat. If necessary, sand lightly between coats to remove any raised grain.

STEP 4: A third coat will give extra protection and is required in harsh conditions such as full sun exposure, around pools and in humid areas or if the first coat was applied on damp or porous timber.

All timber is required to be free from dust, mould and site contaminants prior to coating. Follow all relevant product label instructions when using Intergrain products.