Teknos Aqua Primer 2907

An interior/exterior combi-primer for non-resistant (Class 3) timbers or timber needing additional protection. Helps to protect timber from growth of mould, fungus and blue stain when used as the first coat of a Teknos fully factory applied system. Must be applied by dipping or flow coat to ensure it penetrates all bare timber surfaces.

Clean up: Water 
Colours: Colourless, Oak (translucent), White (opaque)
Opacity: Clear, Opaque
Tintable: No
 Sheen: N/A  Wet stackable: No 
Sizes available: 10L, 20L (white only)
 Compatible with: Water or oil based clears, stains or opaques  
Teknos system recommendation
Dip, flowcoat, saturation, Ceetec or vacuum coater
Accoya and non-resistant (Class 3/4) timbers