Intergrain Enviropro Invisible Floor Finish

Enviropro Invisible Floor Finish is a hard-wearing clear finish designed for most timber flooring and other interior timber. This new-generation technology gives an invisible sheen finish that has the appearance of bare wood and provides the feel of natural timber. Enviropro Invisible Floor Finish removes the glossy appearance from existing timber floors with one coat and no sanding, helping transform and modernise whilst providing excellent water, stain and abrasion resistance. A quick drying time (recoat in 4 hours) and low odour make Enviropro Invisible Floor Finish a great choice for residential projects.

Coverage m2/L: 8
Recoat time (hours): 4
Fully cured: 7 days
Clean up: Water
 Sheen: Invisible Sizes available: 5L

All surfaces must be clean, dry, free of wax, grease, dust and other contaminants. The presence of contaminants increases the possibility of rejection and delamination. Prepare cork in accordance with cork manufacturer’s instructions. All nail holes and cracks should be filled with Intergrain Woodblend putty. Do not use linseed oil putty. Ensure floor is even; sand to a flat even surface if required. Final sand should be with 150 mesh screenback, and vacuum thoroughly with a commercial grade vacuum cleaner to remove all sanding dust.

• It is recommended to shield doorways, fireplaces and windows from dust, dirt or other contaminants settling on the surface between coats, as this will affect the finished appearance. Do not completely seal, as adequate ventilation is required to assist with drying.
• Do not apply if air or substrate temperatures are above 35°C or below 10°C.
• If using in temperatures above 30°C, Enviropro Wet Edge Extender can be added to Invisible Floor Finish to a maximum of 5% to ease application, follow instructions on the Wet Edge Extender label.
• If using more than one pack of Invisible Floor Finish, it is recommended to mix all packs together to achieve product uniformity before use.
• For added durability and stain resistance, add 1 part Enviropro Endure 2 Pack Part B to 9 parts Invisible Floor Finish.

Including Floating Floors. Wash the floor with Enviropro Squeaky Clean as per the
label instructions. To ensure adhesion, a test patch is recommended after the surface has been prepared. Apply a small test area with one coat of Invisible Floor Finish, allow to dry for 24 hours then firmly press a strip of sticky tape over the coating and rip off quickly. If the coating is removed, sand the full surface back to bare timber. If the coating is not removed, apply 1–2 coats^ of Invisible Floor Finish using a 10mm nap microfibre roller and brush edges as per new floor application. If patches of the previous coating have worn back to expose bare timber, then for the most even finish, we recommend that the full floor be sanded back to bare timber, and product applied as per ‘new timber’ directions.