Enviropro Hard Wax Oil

Enviropro® Hard Wax Oil is a blend of waxes and oils that provides interior timber with a natural look. This hard wearing timber floor finish maintains the texture of the timber – leaving a beautiful, tactile floor. Hard Wax Oil is quick and easy to apply, and can be easily maintained or repaired without having to sand the surface.

Coverage m2/L: 24
Recoat time (hours): 4
Fully cured: 7 days
Clean up: Solvent
 Sheen: Natural Sizes available: 4L

• Punch exposed nails below the surface. Note that holes and imperfections should be filled with timber putty after the first coat of Hard Wax Oil to match the putty colour with the coated timber colour.
• Sand timber to an even, smooth surface. Vacuum and wipe to remove dust

Methods: roller

• Surfaces to be coated must be dry and free from all dirt, dust, grease or polish.
• Hard Wax Oil should be stirred thoroughly before and during application with a flat blade stirrer taking care not to introduce bubbles.
• Apply a coat of Hard Wax Oil to the timber with a brush, roller or cloth. Ensure the surface is evenly covered.
• Once first coat is thoroughly dry, any grain raise can be removed by lightly sanding with 240 grit sandpaper, being careful not to sand through the coating.
• When the first coat is thoroughly dry. Apply a second coat of Hard Wax Oil following the application process outlined above.
• Do NOT apply in temperatures under 10°C or over 35°C.

Areas: floor

Substrates: All interior timber

Locations: Interior