Intergrain Woodblend

A water based timber and grain filler, suitable for both interior and exterior use. Woodblend sands to an extremely fine, smooth finish. Woodblend can be coated with water or oil based timber finishes and paints. Available in six intermixable colours.

Coverage: 5m2/L
Recoat: 2hrs
Full cure: N/A
Clean up: Water
Sheen: N/A
Sizes: 180G, 800G
All interior timber, Exterior timber
All interior timber
Interior, Exterior

Surface must be in sound condition, clean, dry and free from dust, grease, wax and oil. Indentations and holes must be clear of all loose material.

Methods: Filling blade or knife

1. Apply WoodBlend with a flexible filling blade or knife. Fill deep holes in approx. 10mm stages, allowing two hours drying time between each stage.
2. To ease application, dampen blade with water.
3. Wipe off excess with a slightly damp sponge. When dry, sand to a smooth finish.
4. When using clear finishes, apply WoodBlend after the first coat of clear to minimise smudging.
5. For use as a grain filler, thin WoodBlend with 5-10% water to achieve required consistency. Apply with a flexible filling blade or knife and allow to dry. When dry, sand back to bare timber, leaving filler only in the grain.

IMPORTANT: Keep container tightly closed when not in use.